I was born in 1950 in Rougemont, a small village in the Swiss mountains. I spent a quiet and happy childhood living there. In 1972, after getting married, I became acquainted with the art of "cutting-out", thereby continuing a typical tradition associated with the Saugy family and the "Pays d'Enhaut".

Patiently, I draw with my pencil a pattern on the white side of the paper, which is folded in two, before sticking on the borders. Afterwards I carefully cut the paper with a pair of sharp scissors.

Finally, after the borders are lifted, comes the important moment of opening and discovering a new symetrical black picture  which I then stick on a light background.

During the first year of my career, my pictures represented the traditional scene of alpine climbing showing the cows, the goats and the shepherd. Gradually I began to introduce some real life scenes connected more with love stories.

Some symbols of my invention such as the "love packet", "the key of good fortune" and "the violinist playing a serenade to his lover" embellish further my cut-outs.

I happen to take inspiration from actuality (reality), music or history. Everything is allowed. I also enjoy working from orders received from those who passionately wish to reproduce their own individual house, life's experiences or adventures. I do this by always being  open-minded and imaginitive.

Tradition dictates that each artist leaves a personal mark on his or her work. For this reason I sometimes surround my pictures with little hearts, or have the cow's tails pointing to the sky or show the bird's beaks wide open, singing joyously out loud from the chalet roof or from the edge of the fountain. 

The creation of each new picture represents for me the realisation of a dream and an escape from the strict routine of normal daily life.

My biggest pleasure is to make your dreams come true to life

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